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How Stress Impacts Men's Health: Exploring the Links

Stress can have a major impact on men's health, both physically and mentally. Studies have linked stress to several different conditions and illnesses, including heart disease, depression, anxiety disorders, sleep disturbances, digestive problems and even an increased risk of developing cancer. Stress has also been associated with decreased libido in men due to the hormones released during times of distress which can affect sexual performance. The reason why stress is so detrimental to a man’s physical and mental wellbeing is because it causes changes in the body that can lead to long-term chronic illness or injury if left untreated. During stressful periods your body releases cortisol and adrenaline into your system as part of its fight or flight response. This release of hormones increases blood pressure levels and puts strain on vital organs like the heart, brain and lungs leading to potential damage over time if not managed properly. Furthermore prolonged exposure to high levels of stress can cause serious issues with memory recall along with difficulty concentrating for extended periods of time; this could be potentially life threatening depending on what job role you are undertaking at any given moment in time (e.g piloting an aircraft). It’s therefore important for men who are feeling stressed out regularly to take steps towards reducing their overall level of tension by engaging in activities such as yoga or meditation which help relax both mind & body simultaneously whilst countering the effects caused by too much cortisol production within our systems naturally without needing medications etc..